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Have a Cash Flow Blueprint for Your Business

November 8, 2022  |  Barton Walter and Krier

Sure, you want your business to succeed. A big part of that outcome involves keeping your operation running each day. To do that, you want to have a cash flow blueprint for your business. Keep reading to learn why this is important and discover helpful hints to control capital. What Comes and Goes While cash flow may not necessarily reflect a company’s success, it is crucial to the day-to-day enterprise. Cash flow reveals the actual money moving in and out of a business — what you’re earning versus spending. And the process is a give and take. What comes in: This is incoming cash from customers or clients purchasing your company’s goods or services. If invoicing is involved, your cash flow statement will indicate cash flow as accounts receivable. What goes out: Outbound monies are expenditures needed to run your business, such as production costs or rent. Expenses paid in installments will show up as accounts payable. You want to know what’s coming and going so you know when there’s cash on hand for covering expenses. A cash flow blueprint can help you stay organized and keep money moving in a balanced manner. Keep a Record The best way to know what’s coming and going is to keep a record. Monitor cash flow […]

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Help Ensure Solid Financials

October 18, 2021  |  Barton Walter and Krier

When it comes to your financials, you want to make sure your bases are covered. And there’s a lot to consider. To make things easier, the premier accounting and tax specialists at Barton, Walter & Krier offer tips to help ensure solid financials. Financial Framework You got into business to do more than survive – you want to grow and be successful, right? Having a solid financial plan is key to all of this, and managing that plan is just as crucial. Taking charge of finances is at the base of everything you’re hoping to build, and we’re here to help with some of the basics for building a strong financial foundation. Have a Plan Your clear and detailed business plan will keep you focused on success. This plan should outline where you are now, where you want to be in the next couple of years, and how you intend to get there. What does the market look like? What kind of competition will you have? Who will you need to help you? Determine the capital you will need and how you’ll secure it – business loans, angel investors, bootstrapping, grants, etc. How do you plan to attract interest and potential investors? Consider short-and long-term business goals and objectives and note how you […]

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Explore a Day in the Life of a CPA

September 22, 2021  |  Barton Walter and Krier

You’ve no doubt heard the term bandied about over the years, but what exactly does a CPA do? To answer this and other related questions, we turned to Anna-Liisa Lampi, a Senior Manager at Barton Walter Krier. Lampi provides insight as we go beyond taxes and explore a day in the life of a CPA. All in a Day’s Work So, what does a Certified Public Accountant do? In a word, “Everything,” Lampi said. She then went on to reveal that a CPA’s job involves a lot of problem solving and multitasking. “You’re working with various clients or on different jobs, checking where you are or where the staff is that’s working with you, and following up with clients or staff to keep things moving,” she explained. In general, a CPA prepares and files a business’s taxes. But their work doesn’t stop there. CPAs also provide tax planning and advice, auditing services, financial management and consulting, and financial forensics. And while each day may feel somewhat routine, a day in the life of a CPA is anything but typical. “There’s different information and sometimes you’re juggling a lot of different things,” Lampi said. “You’re just keeping them moving and trying to keep clients and staff happy.” What’s the Difference? Is there a difference […]

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