Be Vigilant at Tax Time

February 15, 2022  |  Barton Walter and Krier

Each year the Internal Revenue Service puts together a list of scams to watch for when it comes to your hard-earned dollars. The annual IRS Dirty Dozen warns of tricks and schemes that occur throughout the year – and especially during tax-filing season. The federal tax deadline will be here before we know it, so the professionals at Barton, Walter & Krier wanted to highlight some common scams to help keep you vigilant at tax time. Phony Phone Calls Beware of phone calls claiming to be from the IRS and asking for personal information about you or your finances. As a rule, the IRS does not initially reach out to anyone by phone to discuss tax situations. A first-contact attempt most often comes via mail. The IRS does not request personal or financial details via text or email. And you can rest assured that if the IRS does contact you by phone, you will not be asked to submit payment in the form of a gift card, prepaid debit card, or a wire bank transfer. Do not give out your personal information. If you suspect the call is a hoax, hang up and report it to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Watch Your Donation Dollars To claim a deduction for charitable […]

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